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The OSSA Right to Sight Trust is the philanthropic arm of the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA). The Trust is a registered public benefit organisation that is working towards eradicating preventable and curable blindness in South Africa.
The Trust’s flagship initiative is the Second Sight Project, which enables financially disadvantaged patients - who are either partially sighted or blind due to untreated cataracts - to access sight saving surgery.
Prior to June 2017, this was achieved through a sponsorship model which consolidated the efforts of private ophthalmologists who donated their time and skills, private hospitals that made theatre time available and medical companies that sponsored consumables for surgeries. Thanks to Alcon’s support last year, this model enabled over 800 free surgeries to be performed.
The amended Medicines and Related Substances Act that came into operation on 1 June 2017 has halted this successful sponsorship model. Under the revised Act, medical companies can no longer donate medical products, consumables or equipment -  even for charitable purposes.  This has had a direct impact on Right to Sight surgeries as consumables now have to be purchased at full cost from medical suppliers.
Due to the suddenness of this change, medical companies that were willing to donate consumables for Right to Sight surgeries, do not have the budgets to translate their intended sponsorship into financial contributions.
The OSSA Right to Sight Trust has approached the Minister of Health for medical companies who donate products for charitable causes to be exempt from the new regulations. Until such time as a response is received, the Trust will use its limited financial resources to purchase consumables for as many Right to Sight surgeries as possible.
The OSSA Right to Sight Trust is a level 4 B-BBEE contributor and is approved in terms of Section 18A by the South African Revenue Services.

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