The difference it makes
Adelinah Perekisi
Adelinah lived with deteriorating eye sight due to untreated cataracts for ten years.
As her sight grew worse, she became more and more dependent on others.
“Before the surgery I couldn’t even see the food I was eating. When I was cleaning the house I used to leave dirty spots behind because of my sight. I had to ask someone to read to me even though I was using double lenses. I couldn’t do anything for myself!"
Adelinah’s Second Sight surgery took place in November 2016 and by Christmas her vision had improved dramatically.
“After the surgery I can do everything without anyone’s help. I can see far and read. I am very happy and grateful to Dr Chris Gouws and the Right to Sight Trust for the gift they have given me.”
William Fonnie
Before finally receiving a Second Sight surgery in March 2018, William had tried three times to have his cataracts removed. Many of the pleasures in his life had been taken away and he had become increasingly dependent on his family.
After Williams surgery and follow up consultation, we received the following note from his sister:
“Thank you for helping my brother. Being able to see again has better made a huge difference in his life. He can now do the sewing that he loves and we don't have to worry about him crossing the road. It’s been such a blessing and I can't thank you enough.”
Carmen Robertson
At the age of 45, cataracts started to rob Carmen of her vision. She had no vision in her right eye and only blurred vision in the left. She became more and more frustrated as her independence slipped away and she was unable to perform daily activities.
A Second Sight surgery was performed on Carmen early in February 2018.   In March we received a letter from her and this is what she wrote:
“Words cannot describe my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done to have my eyes fixed! A simple thank-you does not seem enough. But from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!
I’m living a totally different life now. My self-confidence has improved so much.
Being able to do things on my own and not having people help or guide me is very liberating. To be able to see so clearly, even the smallest thing, is amazing.
Thank you again for your help and excellent care shown to me during and after my treatment.”

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