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For ophthalmologists
The OSSA Right to Sight Trust encourages ophthalmologists to support the Second Sight Project by including some cataract surgeries for financially needy patients on their private cataract surgery lists.
Requests for Right to Sight surgical numbers and sponsored consumables are administered via the Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG) Cataract Registry system.
This can be accessed via  
OMG members are automatically registered as users on the cataract registry and can login as normal. Once Right to Sight has been added to their medical network the Authorization Request tab can be used to register OSSA Right to Sight patients.
Non-OMG members can contact Hillary Finnegan at to be added to the Cataract Registry and for any queries regarding the registry.
Ophthalmologists are encouraged to register all charitable cataract surgeries through the Cataract Registry, even if not requesting sponsored consumables.
Important note:  In the past, Right to Sight surgeries were largely driven by product donations from medical companies. However, due to recent changes in legislation, these donations are no longer available. At the moment, the Right to Sight Trust has limited donor funding to reimburse ophthalmologists for Right to Sight surgery consumables. In order to make best use of the available donor funding and ensure that the maximum number of patients benefit, reimbursements for Right to Sight surgeries will be limited to IOLs for as long as donor funding is available.
For more information, please contact Cindy Buské at  

For donors
Due to the impact that the amended Medicines and Related Substances Act has had on product donations from medical companies, financial support to cover the cost of consumables for Right to Sight surgeries is urgently needed. For more information, please contact Cindy Buské at

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