The Right to Sight Trust grew out of an initiative called Eyecare 2000 that was conceived by OSSA in 1999 to help government achieve its goal of ending cataract blindness in South Africa by 2005.
During its first four years, Eyecare 2000 was very well supported and a significant number of free cataract surgeries were performed each year. However, towards the end of 2005, focus and funding started to shift to other priorities – particularly the HIV epidemic – and as a result, there was less money for Eyecare 2000 and consequently fewer and fewer surgeries were done.
In 2014, OSSA committed to reviving the project using the OSSA Right to Sight Trust as the mechanism for coordinating, managing and fundraising. The following year, the cataract project was formally given the name Second Sight.
In 2016, the Trust received its first big sponsorship from Alcon (Pty) Ltd. Through this amazing support, 810 Second Sight surgeries were performed.
By April 2017, the Trust had sponsorship commitment from Alcon, Genop and Zeiss and indications were good that Second Sight numbers would exceed those achieved in 2016. In June of the same year, the amended Medicines and Related Substances Act came into operation and medical device companies were prohibited from donating consumables - even for charitable purposes.  This unexpected turn of events had a negative impact on Second Sight surgeries and the project was temporarily placed on hold.
Six-months later, in December 2017, the Medicines Control Council granted a one-year exemption from the application of Section 18A and 18B of the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act. This means that medical device companies can resume their sponsorship of consumables for Second Sight surgeries until 28 December 2018. All stakeholders are continuing to lobby for this exemption to become permanent..
About the Trust
  • Dr Andrew Boliter (Chairperson)
  • Dr Jan Talma (Trustee and Honorary Treasurer)
  • Dr Chris Gouws (Trustee)
OSSA Executive Committee
  • Dr Bayanda Mbambisa
  • Dr Matt Young
  • Dr Kgao Legodi
  • Dr Petrus Gous
  • Dr Andrew Ivey
  • Dr Danie Louw
  • Dr Wayne Marais
  • Dr Frikkie Potgieter
  • Dr Anthony Zaborowski
  • Dr Linda Visser
Legal Status
Public Benefit Trust:  registration no. IT3839/2011
Public Benefit Organisation:  930045242

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