Second Sight Project
Through the OSSA Right to Sight Trust’s Second Sight Project, cataract sufferers who have been on a public hospital waiting list for over a year can access this procedure. Project beneficiaries are from low income households and are unable to afford private medical care.
The OSSA Right to Sight Trust coordinates the efforts of private ophthalmologist, private hospitals, and funding partners who share the common goal of preventing unnecessary cataract blindness. This partnership model creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts - enabling each partner to contribute specific attributes to the project.
The project has an immeasurable impact on the lives of cataract sufferers and their families. Once sight is restored, project beneficiaries are able to function independently, and contribute to the household in terms of daily activities such as childcare, cooking and cleaning. They are also able to generate income through formal or informal employment, and participate in social activities and community life. 
Family members that have been caring for the blind or partially sighted person benefit by having this enormous responsibility lifted. They are able to resume their own educational, employment, spiritual and recreational activities – all of which impact on the economic and social health of families and communities.

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